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Would you allow the IRS to prepare your income tax return?

Social Security represents a sizeable and valuable component of your monthly retirement income. I am a Registered Social Security Analyst – a financial advisor that specializes in Social Security Planning. As an “RSSA”, I am dedicated to making sure you take advantage of optimal claiming strategies and receive every dollar you are entitled to from the Social Security Administration. Social Security is complicated. Everyone’s personal situation is unique. There are over 2,700 rules and regulations and thousands of claiming strategies available to you, so trusting the Social Security Administration to determine your future retirement benefits is not a good idea. Would you allow the IRS to prepare your income tax return? Of course not. So why trust another government agency with determining your future monthly retirement income. Did you know that the Social Security Administration is legally forbidden to provide you with advice? Don’t take a chance on missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits. Schedule a free phone or Zoom consultation with me. I am 100% committed to working with you as YOUR advocate to create a social Security plan. Using sophisticated software, I will work with you to establish a Social Security plan. I can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits by helping you take advantage of the claiming strategies you are entitled to. How to Optimize and Maximize Your Social Security Benefits: The only way to truly plan for your Social Security income is to work with a professional that has earned the Social Security RSSA Credential. Working one on one with a Registered Social Security Analyst will help you understand your options and the Social Security rules that directly impact your benefits. To learn more or schedule an initial free consultation, please give me a call or email me directly. We look forward to helping you Maximize Your Social Security Benefits.



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